Tuyet-Lyn Christensen MFT

The Expressive Arts offers avenues to experience ourselves in an embodied, imaginal and non-linear way. Sometimes talking about an issue isn’t the way in and in fact there may not be words yet to describe what your feeling or thinking. Using a drawing, a poem, a symbol to explore your inner world can bring a wealth of information and meaning to your process. You may experience yourself in a whole new way.

Expressive Art Therapy is a multi-arts approach. Moving from one art modality to another can deepen, expand, contain and enrich one's process of self-growth. The arts can help integrate and gently heal what can otherwise be challenging to do with words alone. Expressive modalities include: drawing, movement, body-based inquiry, writing, sound, ritual, storytelling, gestalt/psychodrama/parts work, working with symbols/metaphors, astrological archetypes and active imagination/dream-work.


Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being- Rumi