Womxn's Expressive Art Therapy Group

 Nurture yourself through Creativity & Connection

This therapy group is designed for self-identified womxn who want to use the nurturing power of group support in order to feel creative, empowered, connected and in touch with their vision, their body, creativity/moon cycles and their intuition.

This womxn's group is a blend of talk therapy, intuitive development and the gentle use of the expressive arts. Talk therapy is using interpersonal communication skills: the practice of sharing, listening and dialoguing. Being heard and speaking one's truth is powerful medicine. Intuition is often defines as a gut feeling or instinct, an inner knowing that gives information about how one could navigate one's life. In this context we will explore the different ways intuition can guide us. The expressive arts offers avenues/modalities to experience ourselves in a creative way. These modalities include: body-based inquiry, meditation, dream-work, painting/drawing, writing, sound, movement, ritual, storytelling, tarot/oracle cards, astrology archetypes and psychodrama/parts work. This group honors our female bodies and our cycles as a precious resource. Women using this blend of talk therapy, intuitive development and the gentle use of expressive arts creates a container of connection, exploration, discovery, and personal growth. Art Experience is not required.

Free initial individual exploratory session

Group size is limited to 6

Fall 2019